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The New Era of

· 2 min read
Liz Yang

It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil the transformative rebranding of as the definitive nexus for the elite investors, groundbreaking innovators, and the vanguards of technology leadership.

Originating from March 15th, 2019, has emerged from another blog that has empowered millions to enhance their technical acumen. Our core group of ardent thinkers continues to expand, delving into riveting subjects and spearheading events within our vibrant Telegram and Discord communities.

Our collective intellectual journey, alongside the brightest minds and emergent technologies, has led us to an epiphany: technology achieves its zenith only when applied to its noblest purpose—serving humanity. This realization heralds our pivot from an exclusive focus on technology to a harmonious blend of innovation with investment.

Are you a visionary bold enough to stake your claim on the future?

Are you a technological leader ready to rise to the market's challenges with audacious innovation?

Surpassing the market is a formidable aspiration—one few have contemplated, with many resigning to mediocrity. Yet, our resolve remains unshaken. We stand firm in our conviction in the power of science, technology, intellectual clarity, and our collective potential to ascend, to accomplish, and to triumph.

Join us in this reimagined venture where we don't just dream of excellence—we dare to achieve it.