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Dora Noda

We are glad to announce the rebranding of to be the home for 10x investors, innovators, and tech leads. was bootstrapped from's readers back in March 15th 2019. helped millions of readers to improve their technical skills. Meanwhile, thousands of them chose to stay with us and keep discussing interesting topics and hosting events in our Telegram and Discord channels.

While polishing our minds with top thinkers and technologies in our domains, we find that technology should not - and cannot be discussed without its most valuable use cases - serving customers. Thus, we are shifting the focus from pure technology to mixing innovations and investments.

If you believe yourself to be a true visionary, do you dare to have a skin in the game and bet for the future?

If you believe yourself to be a true tech lead, do you dare to innovate and confront the challenge from the market?

Beating the market is a bold dream. Most of us have not even thought about it, and most of us are doomed in the regression toward the mean. However, our answer is still yes, because we believe in science, technology, sense-making, and our capability to know more, do more, and win more.