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Life Q&A with Julie Bornstein

· 4 min read
Yiyang Hibner

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Guest post Author: Julie Bornstein

Who has impacted you the most in your life? How and why?

My mother. She was a force of nature and raised 3 daughters while working as a psychiatric social worker, sitting on the school board, singing in the choir, chairing the Wellesley Club (and yelling at my dad to come home in time for dinner.). She was fearless, practical and very engaged. With my mom as my role model, I always knew I would have a career, a family and great friends. She was always my biggest cheerleader too. (I wrote this Linkedin post with an article on my mom I found from 1972.)

What hobbies do you have when you are with your family/friends? What about when you are alone?

My favorite hobby is traveling with family and friends (is that considered a hobby?). I love getting away, getting tons of quality time with the people I love most, relaxing (something I find hard to do at home), and exploring new places or even just hanging out on a beach. Everyone is happy and it feels like the most special and memorable times come from trips.

I also love to play tennis, take walks, dine out, watch movies… Though I’ve always considered work my favorite hobby.

When I’m alone, my favorite hobby is to shop. Online, in stores, anywhere. I also love to do this with friends.

I spend a lot of time advising people on their businesses as well, which is always gratifying.

What’s the first thing you did after your start-up "the Yes" had been acquired?

Two things - Bought an apartment in NYC, something I've been meaning to do for years but hadn’t had the time, and got re-engaged in the reproductive rights movement through financial support and personal involvement. I’m committed to aiding the efforts to provide all women in America access to abortion care. It is truly inhumane (and dystopian!) what is happening in some of these Red states.

What’s the most recent TV show you have seen and why do you like it?

I just finished “Daisy Jones & The Six”. I loved it, it was such a fun, well told story with great music and fashion, to boot. I love comedy and “realish” life stories the best. I can’t stand anything with violence, which cuts out about 75% of shows these days…

What do you care about the most in the workplace? Or a friend?

In work, I care a lot about creating a supportive and transparent environment that really allows people to do their best work because they feel motivated, convicted and supported. The best culture is one that really feels like you’re playing a team sport (and winning:) I also value a place where people have fun, can laugh, and people can have a sense of humor.

In friends, I think I value the same things. Caring and supportive, fun to be with and a good sense of humor, and loyalty, of course!

Any advice for people who got laid off in a recession?

Figure out why that job wasn’t the best fit for you. Do some soul searching. Ask for real feedback in an easy to access way if you can’t figure it out on your own. (Maybe write a few questions and ask your old boss to fill it out honestly.) Then figure out what you really want to do and make it happen. The hardest part of job searching is figuring out exactly what you’re meant to do. Once you identify that, it's a lot easier to convince others.