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· 2 min read
Liz Yang

I am thrilled to announce a significant development for our tech community, which brings together cross-functional (XFN) leaders from the vibrant hubs of Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York City. Today marks a new chapter in our journey of growth and discovery.

We are officially publishing the full list of companies that our community has meticulously reviewed on our platform. This treasure trove of information is now available at

Why This Matters

In a world where innovation, investment, and leadership intersect, knowledge is power. Our community has been at the forefront of evaluating and discussing some of the most dynamic and promising companies in the tech sector. By sharing these reviews publicly, we aim to:

  1. Foster Transparency: Showcasing the companies we've reviewed brings a new level of transparency to our community. It allows everyone to see the breadth and depth of our collective insights.

  2. Encourage Collaboration: This publication is not just a list; it's a platform for collaboration. We invite members and the wider community to engage, share their thoughts, and build on the reviews.

  3. Support Informed Decision-Making: For investors and leaders, this is a valuable resource. The insights and analysis provided can guide decisions in investment and partnership opportunities.

What You'll Find

The page is more than just a directory. Each company listed comes with a comprehensive review covering various aspects such as innovation potential, market positioning, leadership strength, and much more. These reviews are the product of rigorous analysis and thoughtful discussion among our community members. You can request for memo on the page.

Get Involved

This is just the beginning. We encourage our members to contribute further reviews and insights, continually enriching this resource. If you're not yet a member but are an XFN leader passionate about tech, innovation, and growth, we invite you to help us source deas and information. Together, we can 10x our growth in innovation, investment, and leadership.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey. Here's to our continued growth and success!